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Profile and resume material received from applicants will be made available to participating EDjobsNH Subscribers who use the EDjobsNH service. By submitting this information, you are granting permission for EDjobsNH to share it with the participating EDjobsNH Subscribers for employment purposes. The information will not be released to any other organization for commercial or other purposes. Submitting this information is a three step process.

Step 1: Complete Profile Form - fill in the informational form below. Make sure the questions are answered completely and accurately, (note: ** indicates a required field). Then click the "Submit Profile" button.

Step 2: Upload PDF File - upload a single PDF file that includes: (1) a cover letter, (2) a resume, (3) multiple reference letters, and (4) a transcript. Click on the "Upload Your Resume" button below to locate and submit your document.

Step 3: Receive Re-entry Info - you will receive a Resume Number and Password which you may use in the future to update or edit your information.

IMPORTANT: Information concerning job applicants must be kept current. If an applicant's resume is not edited/updated within 365 days of its submission, it will be automatically deleted from the EDjobsNH data base. Instructions on editing: see Step 3 above.

STEP 1: Complete Profile Form

How did you find the EDjobsNH.com website?
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Keywords** - Please list your skills here - schools will use this to match candidates to vacancies.  Please enter two or more short descriptions separated by commas.  i.e. ESL, Computers, grant writing, gymnastics, coaching.
Experience - Please check if you have experience in your desired job field. If a graduate or trainee, please leave blank. I have teaching experience
Personal Descriptors - this is the text that will be available to administrators initially searching the site 

For example: 5 years teaching experience, outgoing personality, fully computer literate. Well versed in modern educational theory, Ideally seeking a large school district near the Seacoast. Extensive background in ESL.

Check if you wish to be emailed jobs that match your skills

Make sure all fields above are answered completely, then click the "Submit Profile" button to go to Step 2

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